In our opinion good paintjobs involve perfect, consistent finishes and the utmost accuracy in colour matching. When having your car painted or having other items such as furniture, casings or industrial parts coated, we provide an almost infinite range of colours and surface effect patterns for you to choose from. We would be happy to advise you on selecting a colour for touch-up jobs. We will also gladly assist you in creating unique finishes for your items of choice.

If you have a sample of your favourite colour simply bring it to the consultation. Our electronic colour matching device will ensure that we recreate the desired colour as accurately as possible. This is also how we are able to accurately reproduce paint colours of damaged cars, thereby achieving maximum value retention.

Our water-based paints reduce environmental impact

Today, water-based paints are used by all prominent European manufacturers in the field of automotive coatings. In future water soluble paints will replace solvent-based paints for touch-up paintjobs as well. We committed ourselves to protecting the environment in Erlangen many years ago. As such we are able to carry out almost all touch-up paintjobs with water-based paints, thus emitting fewer solvents. Water-based paints have not only achieved top results in keeping the environment clean but also in their weather resistance and colour accuracy. All in all, this is progress as it should be: environmentally and user friendly and safe for use.

Scope of application

  • touch-up paint jobs
  • new paint-jobs
  • custom and special effect paint-jobs
  • furniture and other object paint jobs
  • coating of industrial parts
  • more on request

Why Moldan?

Since 1949, Moldan GmbH has been a beacon of high quality and exceptional services in the greater area of Erlangen. The trust of our customers and the quality of our services are our priorities. We offer:

  • maximum safety
  • warranties
  • mobility
  • fast processing
  • no administrative hassles

Popular questions

Must I make an appointment?
We can give you a quote without an appointment at any time. If repairs are required we will coordinate appointments with you.

Which documents must I bring?
In addition to your vehicle documents such as your vehicle registration you will need the following for insurance purposes: a police report in case of an accident and should you have hit a wild animal, you will be required to obtain a document called a Wildbescheinigung from the police which you will need to bring with you. Click here for additional documents.

Are the spare parts original?
We specialise in every make of car. As with accredited garages we source our spare parts directly from the manufacturer. As a result we are able to provide a warranty of up to 2 years on original branded spare parts for your vehicle in addition to our service warranty.