Minor damages shouldn’t always call for costly repairs. SPOT-repair technologies have produced excellent working results and offer high-quality alternatives to conventional repair methods or the costly replacement of parts. These services usually involve considerably less time and cost. In addition, your car is repaired in the least invasive way possible.

At Moldan you can be sure of the following: In assessing the damage to your car, we will tell you precisely when SPOT-repair makes sense and when damage to certain areas make traditional repair methods and parts replacement inevitable.

Areas of application

SPOT-repair cannot remedy all damage. What is relevant is the extent of the damage and where it is located. The accompanying illustration demonstrates for which autobody parts SPOT-repair is best suited.

  • Green area: ideally suited
  • Yellow area: partly suited
  • Red area: not suited

Why Moldan?

Since 1949, Moldan GmbH has been a beacon of high quality and exceptional services in the greater area of Erlangen. The trust of our customers and the quality of our services are our priorities. We offer:

  • maximum safety
  • warranties
  • mobility
  • fast processing
  • no administrative hassles

Popular questions

Must I make an appointment?
We can give you a quote without an appointment at any time. If repairs are required we will coordinate appointments with you.

Which documents must I bring?
In addition to your vehicle documents such as your vehicle registration you will need the following for insurance purposes: a police report in case of an accident and should you have hit a wild animal, you will be required to obtain a document called a Wildbescheinigung from the police which you will need to bring with you. Click here for additional documents.

Are the spare parts original?
We specialise in every make of car. As with accredited garages we source our spare parts directly from the manufacturer. As a result we are able to provide a warranty of up to 2 years on original branded spare parts for your vehicle in addition to our service warranty.